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Global support

Orkel certified technicians, located all over the world, will be present to help you to start up your new compactor. Your Orkel compactor is delivered with factory warranty, and standard commissioning is included.

Orkel support at the customer site

Our aftersales team and skilled technicians will offer you technical support and make sure you keep your wheels turning throughout the season.

Do you need support? Do not hesitate to contact us, click the button below and we will assist you as soon as possible.

If you need help immidiately, please give us a call.



Orkel LiveAssist - remote service

In light of the current travelling limitations, we have been on the lookout for alternatives to ordinary commissioning and service at your site.

After undergoing several field tests with dealers and customers around the globe, we are now exited to present you Orkel's first remote service solution; LiveAssist!

Orkel LiveAssist device

Orkel LiveAssist device

How does it work?

The LiveAssist device is essentially a headworn device which our remote customers may use to communicate directly with an Orkel service technician. As the customer is wearing the device, the Orkel technician they are speaking with are able to see their environment through the customers' eyes, and in turn efficiently describe the necessary steps in order to solve a potential issue.

Each customer in need of commissioning or technical service will be sent a LiveAssist kit consisting of the tech gadget, a branded Orkel hardhat, and hardhat attachment clips. The customer may choose to purchase the kit for his own use, or to return it to Orkel after the mission is complete.

Request LiveAssist

If you are in need of commissioning, training or support, don't hesitate to request a LiveAssist session. Please hit the button below and fill out the form - and we will be in touch shortly.

We will assign you a technician and suggest a time and date based on your request. Your LiveAssist kit will be sent upon agreement.

Note that our technicians will evaluate each situation and may suggest to do a video call or phone call instead if the request is easy to solve. This is to help you as quickly as possible.

Request LiveAssist

Video assist

We are continously working to support all customers in the best and quickest ways, because we know how important it is to avoid downtime.

That is why we have collected the most common questions and issues and explained them in instructional videos that are available on our social channels such as YouTube and in our user resources.

Orkel training videos on YouTube

Please visit our YouTube channel to browse through our videos. We would appreciate your feedback and feel free to send us suggestions to other topics we should cover in the videos to marketing@orkel.no

User resources

Through the user resources, you may access full parts lists and user manuals for your Orkel compactor.

Visit the Orkel user resourses.