About Orkel

we develop and produce high quality heavy machinery for agriculture and industry

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What began as a modest production of small toys and tricycles for local customers, has now become a global supplier of high quality machinery.

Norwegian craftsmanship since 1949

In 1949, at the age of 27, the Norwegian welder, Johan Gjønnes, invested in a welding machine. The intention was to make a living out of repairing sledges and bicycles for neighbors and acquaintances. In a small smokehouse in Fannrem, around 45 kilometers southwest of Trondheim, he gradually developed the business into production of toys, tricycles and simple hand carriages for agriculture.



In the 60s and 70s, the production of agriculture oriented equipment increased, and as the wheels turned faster, more employees got involved in the production. Since most of the workers came from farms or had their background in farming, the development  of new products were based on broad practical experience and a flair for the users needs.

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Soon, Orkel became an established brand, known for its reliable quality. In 1986 the first Orkel baler was invented, and with the round grass bales, Orkel really got the worlds attention. Today the Orkel Group is an established, strong and pioneering supplier of round balers, compactors and transport equipment represented in over 50 countries on all continents. The company is one of the biggest manufacturers in its segment in Norway and has a unique position on the domestic market. 



Passion for innovation and quality through 70 years

Orkel has earned critical acclaim and a reputation for high quality through experience and innovative design. Quite a long way from the small, modest countryside workshop the founder, Johan Gjønnes, established over 60 years ago, quality, innovation, commitment and passion for excellent craftsmanship are still ideals we work towards. Read about Orkel and our CEO Jarl Gjønnes in an article from the CEO Magazine.


Orkel factory